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At 2 Pac's Custom Paint & Bodyshop, we take great pride in offering the best custom paint jobs, scratch and dent repairs, carbon fibre installation and bumper refurbishment in the Hampshire and Portsmouth areas.  If you are interested in our service please feel free to contact us.


Whether it is a classic car you are looking to restore or a modern car we are able to help you every step of the way.  We take great pride in the quality of our work and the materials we use.  Utilising our experience and expertise to provide a exceptional finish.


At 2Pacs custom Paint and Design, all of our repairs start with top tier metalworking technique. Body fillers cover minor defects that can remain after the damage has been straightened.

Proper welding is critical to car repair. Replacement parts must be welded with welding techniques and equipment to protect their structural integrity.


Depending on your car, and your plans for it, you may need to repaint or repair the bumper. Our experienced technicians repair peeling, torn and dented bumpers for much less than other auto body repair shops. We expertly paint match the colour of your bumper, using the highest quality paints to keep it looking like new.


Had an accident and looking for a quality repairer - Look no further. All insurance work is undertaken with the highest level of quality and we are also members of the non fault accident scheme.


Our specialties are paint scratches, chips, bumper scrapes, dings and dents.  Whether you are looking for paint less dent removal scratch repairs or just advice, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.


Alloy wheels are a great addition to any vehicle, but they're certainly expensive to replace. Bumped a kerb or wall? Those scratches on your alloys can look bad, and get worse over time. We'll polish out scratches and make your alloy wheel look brand new.


Other minor damage to an alloy wheel can be repaired with our experts such as buckled or cracked alloys. Bring your vehicle and we'll take a look at the damage and what can be done, and give you free quote on the alloy repair service.

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